Luxton Body Spa

Due to the current circumstances we’ve made a decision to temporarily close our beauty room. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the community. We would like to thank you for your understanding.

The Luxton Body Spa Team.

Welcome to the home of luxury – The Luxton Body Spa.  Slip your shoes off and be comfortable in this space that belongs only to you in this moment.  Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the aroma that has been designed to bring you back to your centre.  Switch off from the day and the outside world and soak up the atmosphere of deep, serene relaxation and enjoy this moment you have made sacred just for you – you deserve it.

Each of our Luxton Signature services begin with a foot bathing ritual, a personalized botanical blend of oils to assist in your unwinding and, of course, a glass of sparkling in hand if that’s what helps you tick all the boxes.  Your Therapist will select the most suitable combination of skincare and supportive key notes to suit your chosen services.

Our Luxton Skincare line is the baby of Founder and Director Kathleen Lindsay and has been in development for several years. The range has been thoughtfully put together with a policy built around less is more. Less chemical and more key ingredients that promote a natural restoration of balance, moisture, suppleness and aroma. The range will be due to launch on the market July 2019.


SIGNATURE BODY MASSAGE | $155 (75 minutes)

For almost several decades we have been known for our incredible scalp massages and now we have bumped it up to another level! With a unique Australian botanical oil blend, our resident Beauty and Wellbeing Therapist Devidean will soothe your tired and aching body into a state of full rest and relaxation. This is a personalized service, so each one will be unique to suit the guest and their needs. We wanted to create a massage that was about relaxing. Some prefer firmer and for others, smooth and soft movements are best. This, we think, is the ultimate personalized treatment and definitely our recommendation for those that just can’t choose and the perfect gift for someone special!


SIGNATURE FACIAL | $185 (90 minutes)

A facial it is, though you will feel like you’ve had your skin, body and mind rejuvenated! Our resident Beauty and Wellbeing Therapist Devidean is the mystro of balance and skincare needs. She will select for you the ultimate combination of key ingredients to revive the most tired of complexions. Our Luxton Skincare line has been selected to boost the immune system with grapefruit and olive leaf oil; refresh, awaken and promote healthy cells with native super foods like Quandong and Kakadu Plum; and, soothe or detox with a Shea Butter and Clay Mask. Each guest’s treatment will be customised to suit their needs in the moment so not every service will unfold in the same way or with the same steps. The results will last past the visit – in your mind, your body, your soul and your skin.


SIGNAUTRE PEDICURE |  $95 (60 minutes)

Well rested and cared for feet are a source of well being and relief that should not be taken for granted. Treat your feet to our Signature Pedicure beginning with an enriching milk soak. Relax with a glass of something you need in that moment and exhale - you can ignore the rest of the world while you’re here too if you need to!  Your Therapist, Devidean, will whip those toes into shape and remove the roughness, ready for best part of the treatment - our house-made coconut and botanical scrub! This amazing exfoliation combined with your customised massage will revive your feet and legs, taking you to that “eye-roll-back” moment.

Our signature move comes before we moisturise with the addition of our Luxton Shea Butter and French Clay Mask. This process will clean away impurities and soothe and protect your feet from immediate dehydration. After a further moisturising massage we add a Smith & Cult polish of your choice to finish and we are going to guess you’ll be ready for a champagne by this stage which we’re happy to provide.  Remember our selection of nail varnishes by Oribe Beauty and Smith & Cult are also available for purchase.


SIGNATURE MANICURE |  $95 (60 minutes)

Take a break from the hard work of everyday life and treat your hands to the care they deserve.  A personalised oil soak is how we’ll start, some tailoring of your nails and cuticles followed by a gentle exfoliation with our house made Coconut and Botanical Scrub. Our Clay and Shea Butter Mask is our favourite part – a little something extra to resolve the dehydration. Your hands and arms will be massaged and your tired muscles brought back to life with a rehydrating moisture blend of Vitamins E, B5, Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu Plum and Coco Butter – this is Luxton’s nutrient rich hand miracle. Finishing with a Smith & Cult nail colour of your choice and, of course, these beautiful products are also available to purchase to continue taking care of you in your own time at home.


SIGNATURE COLLECTION $495 (270 minutes)

A pamper package to end all searches for bliss with a divine combination of our entire menu of Signature services, including the full body massage, personalised facial and our ultra hydrating manicure and pedicure.





SCALP MASSAGE ADD ON |  $35 (15 minutes)


EXPRESS MANICURE |  $55 (30 minutes)

EXPRESS PEDICURE |  $55 (30 minutes)



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