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Colour is always loads of fun!  There are so many possibilities with colour from simply extending the life of your natural shade, through to completely reinventing yourself with a bold new colour.  Personalising colour plays just as big a part as detailing the cut for our guests - this is what we train so hard for.  Bring in that picture you’ve been dreaming about and we will take the time to talk through with you the results that can be achieved considering your existing colour, the condition of your hair and maintenance requirements.  Looking at all of these elements is really important in working towards the best results for your colour and for the health of your hair.

You might find it unusual when you call the salon that we don’t quote on colour over the phone.  The reason for this is that we treat each guest’s needs as unique to them. Our colour is charged according to how much of it we need to use to achieve the results you’re after.  This can vary from guest to guest based on thickness, amount of grey, resistance to colour, current level of lightness and so on.  What you need and what the next person needs is more than likely going to be different.  If you need to work to a specific budget, pop in to the salon for a complimentary consultation with one of our Stylists.

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