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We always consider it such an honour to play a part in one of the most defining days of your life – your wedding . We love to take the Plush experience to a whole new level when it comes to hosting you and your bridal party by making the salon your private space for the morning. We have options to include catering for a light breakfast and champagne and our colour room is also available to be booked for your makeup artist to join you and your group in the salon
We do generally prefer to take care of our bridal parties in the salon as we believe we can provide a more and luxurious service but if your wedding is set to be on location, we can arrange to bring the magic to you and set up a pop up salon at your home or in your hotel suite. Whatever your decision may be, we will work in close consultation with your makeup artist, photographer and wedding planner to ensure the morning runs smoothly and you don’t have a single thing to worry about.
With our bridal parties, we like to allow an hour and a half for each formal style to ensure all of those finer details are spot on. Even when a style is not as detailed and structured, it is important that we take time with each guest to layer product and prep the hair with heat styling to ensure longevity of hold through the long day ahead and into the evening. We may run through things quicker than planned occasionally which will just leave you with a smoother transition thereafter. With regard to a start time, we recommend working back from the time of the ceremony. It’s important to consider time required for travel and pausing for a bite to eat before you slip into your dress. We will consult with your photographer about their needs but we often find they l ike to start capturing shots about an hour beforehand whilst you are getting ready. We can be flexible with our start time if your ceremony is set to be an early one. 
We recommend that our brides be taken care of by our Director, Kathleen due to her extensive experience in the industry. Our Senior Stylist team are also well equipped with the training and experience should you prefer to use them for your personal styling and, in any case, a trial can be arranged ahead of your big day, although this is not essential. Kathleen and our team will take care of your bridesmaid’s formal styling and any other guests that you might like to join your party on the day for styling or blowdry services, such as the Mother of the Bride and/or Groom. We always like to have the bride enjoy some time out on from all the hype with a relaxing moment in our hair spa room experiencing our shampoo and signature massage service. For timing purposes otherwise (and if you have opted to have your styling done on location), it would be best if we have the bridesmaids come in with the hair washed the day prior. We can however offer the same service in our hair spa room for any guests that are having a blow dry service rather than formal styling
We don’t currently have a make up artist on staff but if you don’t already have one lined up we can source one for you. Particularly for larger groups, we recommend that you have your make up artist come into the salon to work alongside us. We can book our colour room for your makeup artist to setup in and take care of each guest. This space can also double as an area for guests to relax and enjoy any catering arranged or a beverage from our in - salon menu whilst they are in between hair and make up services.
Whether you are in salon or on location, we will consult with your makeup artist about their required timing with each guest (usually 45 to 60 minutes each) and coordinate a run sheet to ensure the morning runs smoothly and each guest knows where they need to be when and you don’t need to give it a second thought.
If you would like us to make arrangements for catering for your group to enjoy, these options can be tailored specifically to your tastes. Most parties opt for a fruit platter and fresh croissants and a little champagne for breakfast whilst they are being pampered (further details shown under Pricing). We also have our usual complimentary salon menu on offer, which includes a range of teas, barista style coffees, orange juice and still or sparkling water.
If you are interested, we invite you to make an appointment with Kathleen at the salon for a Design Consultation. This consultation is an opportunity for us to talk about all the elements of your look including fabrics, colours, dress style, flowers, accessories as well as any pictures or ideas that you
have collected along the way. You may also like to consider booking an appointment for a trial to ensure the desired style is what you had hoped for on the day but this is not a requirement.
It is important to consider the colour and condition of your hair well ahead of your special day to ensure it is in the best possible shape for those photos that will last a lifetime. We recommend that you have your final colour refresh and cut in the week prior to your wedding to ensure the colour is vibrant and also to allow sufficient time for the hair cuticle to settle after colouring. We would generally recommend a 6 to 8 weekly rotation for your regular colour and cut work leading up to this, but it is important to discuss with your stylist what your desired outcome is for the big day so that we can recommend the best course of action with regard to your colour work, ensuring the optimum result is achieved in good time and without concern. A regular treatment regime and reviewing your at home hair care is also important to consider in advance. Our stylists can carefully assess your needs and lifestyle to ensure we can address any areas of concern as your special day gets closer. Our Beauty Therapist can also discuss with you a regime to ensure your skin is looking and feeling beautiful for your wedding. Regular facials are of particular importance and it is wise to take care of yourself when you are feeling the stress of all the arrangements with our Signature Full Body or Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage. We also recommend our Signature Manicure and Pedicure during the days leading up to the wedding to complete your overall look.
Bride $175
Trial $150
Bridesmaid $150
Flowergirl $75
Extra Padding (as required) $35
Formal Styling $150
Long Styled Blowdry $95
Medium Styled Blowdry (to shoulder) $85
Short Styled Blowdry (to chin) $75
Secure Makeup Artist $75 (includes run sheet)*
Secure and Accommodate Makeup Artist $125 (includes room hire and run sheet)*
*please note that the inclusion of this run sheet is imperative when we are working with other service providers to ensure your day runs smoothly
On Location (Local Wedding) $300 (limit St Edwards/15 minutes from salon)**
Day Rate (Non-local Wedding) $2500 (includes two team members)***
**these additional charges are to cover time away from salon trading for stylists to prepare a salon kit, travel, set up and pack up
***when traveling out of town we need to cover our in salon trade for 2 stylists to be out of the salon for the day
Fresh Fruit Platter and Artisan Croissants $10/head
Charcuterie Board $20/head
Champagne $5/head
If you would like to go ahead and secure a booking for your wedding date in the salon, we do ask that a deposit of $50 per person be paid to secure this time. We will deduct this deposit from your final account. All remaining costs should be finalised no less than 1 week prior to your booking.
We will give you a couple of >weeks to think over all of the details and discuss anything further with us or your bridal party and any other guests but I will need to take a deposit to hold the reservation after this point.
Signature Facial $185
Signature Full Body Massage $155
Signature Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage $95
Signature Pedicure $95
Signature Manicure $95
* Full waxing service menu also available.
Amp up the luxury experience when you and your bridal party spend the morning in the salon on your big day. For $350 per person, you will each enjoy a catered champagne breakfast with a fresh fruit platter and artisan baked croissants; formal hair styling and makeup services; and,an express manicure.
Have all of those hair and beauty necessities ticked off your list in one place and with one package. For just $950 for dark hair and $1100 for light hair, you will receive:
Bridal Consultation and Styling Trial with our Director
The Signature
Collection at the Luxton Body Spa*
Full Colour Service
Hair Treatment
Ladies Style Cut
*Includes Signature Facial, Signature Full Body Massage, Signature Pedicure, Signature Manicure
This is one of the biggest days in your life and you want to look and feel amazing on your special day. This package will enable you to take all the necessary steps in the 6 months leading up to your wedding to ensure you are the beautiful bride you always dreamed you would be. For a monthly fee of $430 for dark hair and $450 for light hair over six months, you will receive:
Bridal Consultation and Styling Trial with our Director
Monthly Signature Facial at the Luxton Body Spa (x6)
6-Weekly Personalised Colour, Treatment and Cut Services (x4)
During Wedding Week*
*Signature Full Body Massage
*Signature Pedicure
*Signature Manicure
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