The Plush Moments

Plush Hairdressing have made their mark in various mediums over the years - national, practical and photographic.  Through hard work and effort they are now recognized on a global scale through continued pictorial publication of their work along with numerous feature articles within recognised publications and social media forums.  Plush’s Director, Kathleen Lindsay, has often been approached for professional advice through various commercial online blogs which, within the industry, is a request reserved for the most reputable.  Plush considers the publication of their work and the interest in their salon to be a huge honour and a valuable form of both industry and general consumer recognition.

On a broader scale, their high standard of work is often sort after within the industry by means of invitation for their team to participate in various fashion shows and high profile engagements.  These opportunities give Plush the chance to excite their guests with the diversity of experience and the drama of the catwalk.

Over the years Plush Hairdressing has received nominations for various business awards and have also been awarded numerous finalist positions in a range of industry recognised competitions.  Plush have often enjoyed the opportunity to express their creativity by producing a collection of works that is unique and recognised as forward thinking in its time.  The Plush team have had the privilege of working with some of the industries most recognized photographers to date and had the opportunity to present their work in various formats, most recently being on the very prestigious Hair Expo stage.  This level of exposure is a huge achievement within the hairdressing industry and one they are extremely proud of.

Plush describes one of their proudest moments being their involvement in the Australian Hairdressing Council’s Salon Select Pilot Program and their Gold Accreditation status shortly after.  Since this time the Australian Hairdressing Council has worked tirelessly to build the integrity and reputation of the hairdressing industry and Plush has always considered it an honour to partner with them on this journey.

Upon reflection Kathleen describes the biggest moment, however, is when we think back on where it all began … a small salon space with just one chair and one mirror and a big dream.

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