The Plush Family


Director + Executive Stylist

Starting her career in the late 80s, Kathleen is known mostly for her timeless and precise cutting and detailed finishes. With experience spanning almost 30 years, she has styled for fashion shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra and has consulted for styling in film, photography, music and theatre work. Working alongside some of the country’s most experienced and inspirational Stylists, Kathleen is respected within the industry and is a strong supporter of the Australian Hairdressing Council and its efforts to continually build the standards for the future of our industry.

Since opening in 1999, Plush Hairdressing has been directed by Kathleen and she continues to guide and inspire her team towards achieving the highest standard of service for their clients and, in turn, building a highly regarded reputation within the industry. This vision is driven with passion and determination and supported with regular education, inspirational experiences and use of the highest quality products on the market.



Business Administration Manager

Sarah has been working behind the scenes of Plush since the early days from greeting the clients and keeping their schedules on track through to crunching the numbers and forecasting the future. Sarah loves to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable and always plays the neutral card … although she does bring out a little crazy after a wine or two and if you hear a boisterous laugh when you’re out to dinner, you know she’s in town. Although we miss her being here in the space with us, she still keeps the wheels spinning all the way from her home office in Victoria.

Sarah and Kathleen often joke that they are married and being apart from each other is like living without an arm. Their connection to each other and the business runs deep after many years, experiences and emotions that have knitted them together. “Plush is like home to me and the girls are like my family. Through all the highs and lows, I wouldn’t have it any other way – miss them to pieces daily.”



Front of House Manager + Master Stylist

“I’m loud, a bit crazy in a full moon and I love to laugh!” Plush is home for Ariane. Starting in 2004 she has built a strong following for consistent and crisp cutting, styling and colour technique. With integrity and spirit, Ariane has worked with various fashion houses over the years for Sydney Fashion shows and RMIT Canberra. She has joined teams to work with some of the biggest photographic names in our industry and has experienced every facet of what it takes to make shit happen.

Ariane’s list of educational experiences is extensive including styling, comprehensive colour technique and cutting. If Ariane is looking after you, she won’t miss a beat! Girl’s got bang and knowledge that is purely priceless. “I love coming to work and challenging myself as a stylist. The Plush team is amazing – they are family. We always have fun, every day is different and I love it!” With honesty, pride, integrity and a true love for the industry, Ariane is one of the most comforting people you will meet.



Salon Floor Manager + Master Stylist

Samantha starts her morning with a double shot latte on skim and we don’t talk to her before then! Joining the team in 2008, Sam progressed into our Management Team in 2015. With genuine leadership skills as well as the devotion and support of her team, Sam has focus for the success and progression of the plans that lie ahead for Plush Hairdressing.

Over the years Sam has worked alongside and shared experiences with some of the most awarded and respected stylists and business managers within Australia. She has trained with and observed the works of our industry’s best management teams and companies with a clear and focused view on the future of what the world can offer her next. She is driven and devoted.

Sam’s skills are advanced, precise, classic and clean. Ain’t nobody that can do a better box bob than her. Her technique and knowledge is extensive and self-admitted ‘a stickler for the rules’. Sam loves a good laugh and is always up for a chat and is a little bit naughty too but her brightest asset is her love of making people feel great and aiming to achieve perfection every visit.

“After years of being encouraged to pursue my dreams and achieve greatness, I continue to be inspired everyday. Having the opportunity to lead means I too have the chance to inspire others, within my team as well as my guests. Endless opportunities, support and training help me to be the best version of myself, allowing me the opportunity to work and live with integrity and pride.”



Hair and Body Spa Manager + Beauty Therapist

Devidean has been working in the beauty industry since 2005, training in South Africa and placing in the Top 50 Beauty Therapists in the Cape Region - her skills are premium. Devidean is well known amongst our guests for her magic hands and has an amazing ability to send you into ‘la la land’ whilst you’re in the Hair Spa Room. As soothing and as gentle as she is in the salon, we all know she has a little wild side and what she says goes!

Devidean’s wonderous touch can now transport you into a whole new world of bliss with our most recent concept opening - The Luxton Body Spa”.  Head to the Luxton page and peruse our enticing menu of signature services and make yourself a booking so you too can experience the magic.

“I love the family vibe in the salon I love going to work and feeling appreciated by our guests and the team.”



Junior Stylist

Emily knocked on our door looking for an apprenticeship and started her journey with Plush in 2018. Appearing quiet at first, just pop some country music on and you’ll soon discover otherwise! Emily is eager to please and learn from the best in the industry.

“I love coming to work and challenging myself, pushing myself to learn new things. The Plush team is amazing and they are extremely supportive and encourage me to learn and grow. Everyday brings something new and exciting and I cannot wait to see what the future will bring.”

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